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Hey! We are AshleyJohnson and Roberta Kightlinger

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Balancing Teacher mom life can feel impossible and overwhelming... 

It’s time to start balancing work and home life so you can feel like that awesome mom and wife you were meant to be outside of the classroom!

...but it doesn't have to be. Let's create balance with personalized, healthy routines that will help you turn off your teacher brain and focus on the things that matter most to you.


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Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

John 1:2


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Struggling with your kids routines this summer? 3 things to do to make your days more efficient and successful

Feeling Stuck? 3 quick and efficient tips to move forward

Come listen to hours of free training on routines, tips, and tricks to create the balance you crave in your life. Learn how we have created sustainable routines in every season and know that you aren’t alone in this season you find yourself in.

The Teacher Mama's Podcast

The Go-To Podcast for Teacher Mamas Wanting to Create Work-Life Balance With Healthy Routines

Hi Friend! We're Ashley and Roberta!

We are both Wives and Teacher Mamas with a combined 28 years of experience in the classroom. Like you, we’ve both been that exhausted, stressed-out teacher mom.

We too were overstimulated and overwhelmed, brought too much work home, struggled with keeping up on the house chores and dinner, and did zero things that we enjoyed outside of school.

We finally realized that if we were going to live more energetic and balanced lives, we needed to learn different routines, time management, and stress-relieving strategies.

We created a plan that fits *us* and is actually easy to stick with. A lifestyle that made teaching, momming, and wifeing easier and fun again. And we’re ready to share it with you!

So glad you’re here and we can’t wait to connect!

-Ashley and Roberta

Ashley and Roberta have been there and are passionate about serving teachers. Each episode is helpful and intentional



Such great info for teachers! Thank you so much for showing up for us providing such inspiration, encouragement, and practical strategies too!

-Podcast listener

Thank you!

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This podcast has been so valuable for me and is one of my weekly favorites. This one can definitely help you take your life as a busy teacher to the next level!! 

-Podcast Listener

A must for teachers

If you are a teacher and feel like your life is overtaken by your job, listen to this podcast to learn how to find balance!

-Ashley (Podcast Listener)

Amazing Resource for busy Mamas! 

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